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Jeannine Guttman of the Maine Sunday Telegram explains why we love Maine.

 “To find the essence of Maine you need to go outdoors.  That is where the soul and spirit of this state resides.  That is where most residents prefer to spend their free time, playing relaxing or seeking adventure.

The Maine outdoors is famous for the people it has beckoned, for the experience it has offered.  If is where classic writers like Thoreau discovered there inspiration and their muse, it is where famous painters like the Wyeths found their great landscapes and seashores.

It is where hunters and fisherman find their quest; where birders and kayakers seek their solitude.  Today, many interests, sports and hobbies can fashion some link to the outdoors.”

We, at All Outdoors offer you a link to the outdoors and where you can find your sole, your solitude, your peace or commune with nature.

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The poling clinics are designed to teach paddlers an old technique of propelling a canoe, ie: via the use of a setting pole. A setting pole is a round piece of spruce or ash, approximately one and a quarter inches in diameter by twelve feet long. The pole is used by placing one end on the river bottom and thrusting, thereby propelling the canoe. The pole is more versatile than one might think and when utilized in a series of maneuvers, opens up new horizons for the canoeist. We have two clinics a year, one for beginners and one for more experienced canoeist. The advanced clinic will teach the poler the art of slalom poling, in prep for potential national competitions.
Allagash Wilderness Waterway and the Allagash River, probably the most well known canoeing area in the Northeast. We offer two variations of this trip. First is an nine day version, which covers the entire waterway, all the lakes and the river. Second, a six day version which is mostly river running. The Allagash area provides everything the outdoorsman could dream of, beautiful scenic lakes, mountains, and rivers. Wildlife is plentiful, fishing is good, and the campsites are well maintained. The river provides an easy challenge with varying degrees of rapids and one portage, around the spectacular, Allagash Falls. The standard fare is $200/day/person.

St. Croix River, the boundary between Maine and New Brunswick, is a Canadian Heritage river. Our standard trip is four days, however longer trips, which include the lakes, can be accommodated. The river has a natural layout for the beginning whitewater paddler. It starts out with very mild open rapids, and each day builds a little in intensity. It is also an excellent river to learn the use of a setting pole, as it is shallow through all the rapids. It is not unusual to sight bald eagles along this river. The price varies with the desired length, but averages $150/day/person.
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