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 Robert Service said “in the land of the midnight sun” there is a feeling that comes over you he called the “Spell of the Yukon”.    Of all the places we have run trips the Yukon is the most compelling.  We have run wilderness canoe expeditions on several major rivers in the Yukon and have never been disappointed.  Most of these trips are very remote in a wilderness that few can match.  There are 190,000 square miles in the Yukon and outside of Whitehouse there are less than 10,000 people.  Most of them live in a few small towns such as Dawson, Ross River, and Mayo.  Moose and Caribou far outnumber the humans.  The average rainfall in the Yukon is only 13 inches a year.  This is why we believe that we have very few bugs. (This is not Alaska)  This also makes for reasonably good weather in August. 

The Liard River is our introduction to the Yukon.

The Pelly River is loaded with fish so we have designed the trip for 10 days of fishing.

The McMillan River is a two-week trip in real wilderness with drive to and from access.

The Snake River is our favorite even though the logistics are a challenge in themselves.


Canoe one of Canada’s wilderness rivers.  The Snake and MacMillan are major expeditions requiring 2 weeks to paddle.  The Liard is our introduction to the Yukon.  Try the Liard for a 7 day trip.  We are sure you will be back for a 2 week trip.  We also offer invitation only expeditions on expert rivers such as the Mountain and Bonnet Plume.   For fisherman the Pelly is the river.  Float plane into unspoiled lakes and rivers and catch char, trout, pike and grayling.  Paddle a canoe, fish, & camp on the river. Moving down river, fish/camp where you want and relax in the wilderness amongst the eagles, wolf and grizzly bear.



We will float 100 miles down river and fish, take pictures, hike, wildlife watch and relax.Your Adventure begins at Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. We will be airlifted into a high mountain pond (Woodside) and tributary of the Pelly river. Meandering down river as we fish hitting new water to test your fishing skills and new scenery to keep you spellbound. We will stop along our river journey at remote cabins on the Pelly Lakes to fish. On the Pelly River we will experience occasional rapids. We will take out at the village of Ross River on the last day of the trip and be back in Whitehorse for supper. The trip includes everything upon departing Whitehorse until we return to Whitehorse.


Pelly River


We did an exploratory canoe fishing trip in 2000 to the headwaters of the famous Pelly River. Over a hundred years ago explorers used the Pelly as a link to the Yukon River, to reach the gold fields of the Klondike. We have an ultimate getaway amid high alpine meadows with mountain peaks that plunge to virtually untouched rivers, streams and lakes. On the Pelly you don't go "fishing" you go "catching."





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