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In between the streams and the glaciers are spectacular waterfalls, cliffs, and rain forests.  The people are friendly, hard working salt of the earth.  Trout are in every stream.  There is even a run of King Salmon in the some of the rivers.  The large amount of rain in spring and fall makes the area lush and vibrant.

Ten  new Mad River Explorers canoes in Chile await our return.

Patagonia, Chile

I went to Patagonia, Chile to find a river we could paddle from the mountains to the sea.  The Palena is a perfect river for paddling in an open canoe.  An easy class I-II River isolated from western civilization, the river is charismatic with views of several glaciers, cliffs, waterfalls and the endless rain forest.   The Patagonia mountains of the Andes are wild, exciting, beautiful.  It is hard to capture the wilderness feel in words, yet easy to describe.  The rugged mountains are snow caped with glaciers everywhere. The valleys have beautiful pristine streams and lakes with a scattering of lovely primitive farms that still use oxen or horses to do most of the work. Generally they have no road access or electricity at these farms. 







The warm dry summer in Chile runs from December through the middle of March.  This is the perfect time to get away from the frozen rivers of the north.

  The Palena River is in the region of Chile known as the Patagonia Section.  This is a wild lush mountainous section of the country.  The trip will be from the mountains to the sea with easy class II white water.  A glacier will be visible a lot of the time.  We are traveling during their summer (dry season) so expect warm dry weather even thought it will be winter in the north.  There is fishing for the fisherman as well as the fabulous wilderness for us all.

  -You get into Puerto Mont, Chile early in the morning on the first day of the trip and we will meet you and take you from here.   We will take a direct charter flight to the village of Chaiten.  We will arrange this flight and it is included in the package.  From Chaiten we use a Minibus to get you to Palena village the headwaters of the river.


-When we reach the ocean we will be near the small village of Puerto Raul Marin.  From Puerto Raul Marin we proceed to a luxury resort in Puerto Puyuguapi, From here we drive over the mountains beside a lovely glacier and fabulous views of the fiords of Puyuguapi

 - Trip duration: 9 days. Camping 6 days + 2 day in Hotel/Lodge.  Day 1 will be spent getting to Palena River and set up camp(fishing is optional), days 2-7 on the river, paddle, fish, camp. On day 7 we also transit from the river to the Lodge in Puyugapi.  Day 8 we will drive to Coyhaique and stay in a hotel in town.  Day 9 explore town, shop and leaving Chile from Balmaceda Airport.

Team 2006 in Puyuhuapi

   Call or e-mail for more information.

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