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Fly-fishing is what we enjoy the most but many trips are general law fishing.  Generally in the spring we fish for Brookies, in the summer we set our sites on Black Bass on the many rivers of Maine.  In the fall we try to catch the Salmon runs up the West branch of the Penobscot.  A major exception to this is when we go to Canada’s Yukon Territory to catch Char, Inconnu, Grayling and Pike.  The extreme wilderness trip on the Pelly River has them all.  This trip is generally run in August.

Call us to see what is in the offering when you want to go.  We will customize a trip for you.  Price varies depending on what you want.  All-inclusive packages are the norm but have it your way.



All fishing excursions include:
Food, fresh cooked on an open fire
Camping gear including canoe, life jacket
Registered experienced guide
Transportation to/from meeting place

All Inclusive Packages can include:
All of the above
Motel on both ends of the trip
Airport pickup
Anything else you want.



Maine’s West Branch of the Penobscot River. September is the best time of year to be outdoors in Maine. Fall is the best time for salmon fishing on rivers.
With floatplane or drive/boat access.
Join us in September for 3-10 days for $200/day/person. 
Fresh cooked meals on an open fire. All gear, food, canoes furnished.

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