Poling Clinic

We open the Maine paddling season with our annual poling clinic in April.  This year spring hit early but the water is still cold.  We expect to have a good group again this year as many of the regulars are returning.  If you can’t make the weekend come paddle with us for a day?


Costa Rica

What a set of trips we had.  Two adventure trips back to back that were as different as night and day.  The first trip included first timers and veterans that meshed together as if they had been friends forever.  The second trip had 14 high school kids and their councilors.  The first trip, cool, overcast 75-80 F and some rain, the second very hot and sunny.  I will take the cool trip.

 During trip 1 the big rain occurred on the Pacuare River after we rafted to the river lodge.  So we had to paddle out in water that you only “see in the movies”.  See some of the pictures below.  There will be stories told around campfires for years to come.


Both trips started with canoes and kayaks paddling on the jungle river Tortuquero to a camping area in the remote Tortuquero Park. The “town” of Tortuquero, near by, did not even have road access.  Boat or plane is the only access. There we enjoyed a few days of paddling the lagoons and inland waterways.  Howler, Whiteface and spider monkeys added to the sights and sounds of nature as we paddled.  Yes, we saw crocodiles and lots of birds.

After a 2-hour powerboat ride on the inner costal waterway we traveled to the mountain rain forest. There we rafted the Pacuare River to a tropical paradise set along the river, away from civilization but with the comforts of home.  Once there we hiked thought the jungle paradise to explore the flora and fauna. A new addition to our Costa Rican adventures was a Zip line ride through the canopy.  This was a first for most of our adventure travelers and provided a lot of fun no matter what your age.

 Another addition was a hike along a very active volcano rounding out the trips.  This truly was a sampler of the adventures that Costa Rica has to offer.


Canoe – Raft - Hike

8-day trip

 When you arrive Costa Rica we will pick you up and travel to our first night in a local B&B. Day 1 starts with canoe or kayaking on the jungle river Tortuquero to a beachside resort and camping area. Then we enjoy a few days of paddling the lagoons and inland waterways. Tortuquero means “place of turtles”, so you’ll probably see some of these rare natives as we explore this area by water.  Howler and spider monkeys will add to the sights and sounds of nature as we go.

            We then travel to the mountain rain forest. There we raft the Pecuare River to a tropical paradise set along the river, away from civilization but with the comfort of home.  Once there we can hike thought the jungle paradise to explore the flora and fauna.  We then proceed to the west coast to hike along a very active volcano.

Price includes: Arrival B&B, lodging (some camping), meals, in-country transportation, canoes and river equipment. Client pays airfare and departing hotel in San Jose and meals.


 Five Oaks Lodge update....more photos...click here for details

The Maine paddling season will soon be underway. The poling clinic in April will be our first event.  The usual group has already signed up. 

The Moose River “Bow Trip” will be our feature river again this year. The Plum Creek Moosehead plan has been approved by LURC and The Nature Conservancy is procuring most of the “Bow Trip” section of the river that is not already owned by the state   TNC plans to give the remaining section of land in the Bow Trip to the state to preserve that are for recreation.  I will be a few others trips ending up at our new lodge on Long Pond.  Check the schedule.  If you want to just paddle the lake, fish and relax come to the lodge and stay with us, or camp on the lawn in your own tent.  We have very special rates this year of the lodge.

Now is the time to start planning your vacations.  We can work with you.


I was contacted by the Maine Secretary of State, Matt Dunlap.  He had been drawn for a moose hunt in the Jackman region and wanted to hire me to guide him on his moose hunt.  I explained that I was a deer hunter not a moose hunter but would give it a try so we headed for Jackman a few days before the hunt opened and did some scouting.  My friend Mike Patterson came along to help.  The season opened October 13.
We scouted and hunted for a week without success until Friday the 17th.  By then we were getting a little discouraged but keep up the pace.  We had driven about 700 miles of gravel road and walked mile in the woods.  We spotted a cow and calf on the way to town to get gas so we went and got Matt who was on "stand" at the time.  By the time we got back the cow and calf were gone so Mike tried "calling".  This solicited no response as in the past so after a while we got into the truck and started down the road to camp.  Within 1/4 mile we saw 2 big moose come charging out of the woods into the road and right toward the truck.  Apparently they had heard the calling and were coming to it.  Matt, the sport, jumped out loaded his rifle and shot the moose right in the road.
After cleaning it we loaded the moose in my trailer and took it to town to tag it.  The moose weight 643#, had a 42" spread and 13 points.  Live weight is estimated at 900#
The Secretary of State head for the butcher a happy man.
Look for the official story in the Northern Journal.

The Five Oaks Lodge in Jackman, ME is up and running and we are ready to rent the whole lodge or a room.  The lodge sleeps up to 12 people.  This is a part time venture as we are still running river trips so we will work with you.

The lodge is located on the north shore of Long Pond with 100’s of feet of shoreline a mountain view to the south and excellent cell coverage.  This is an elegant rustic lodge with hot showers, flush toilets, full kitchen and lots of atmosphere.  This is a year round place; in spring for fishing, summer for paddling, fall for hunting and winter for snowmobile, snowshoe, or cross country ski.  Of course it offers just a great get-away destination to enjoy wildlife, a walk along the beach or a good book as you relax on the 30’ screened porch

 Call for more details.

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